Sloppy and careless behaviour

During this three weeks we have been being in Halliburton Training Center in Cairo for technical training. Today we have a “hands on” activity which basicly observes the surface system and wireline cable head in a Halliburton truck. During break, I sit with one of my friend and chat. We talk in many topics and without realizing, we start to talk about family. I was telling her that I come from a very strict family in term of discipline. The way I say it show her that I am proud of that fact. But suddenly she asked why I have a sloppy and careless behaviour. She think that I do not represent my family. Wow… ! Maybe for a moment I just think not too much about it and just laughing. But then, I was thinking again and again. Do I look careless and sloppy? I know that I must not be in a very good in discipline. But at least, must not be very bad in it. But from the way I see it, she must think of me as a bad practitioner.

Then I realize that I have changed over the next four years. Some are very good changes, but in relation to my friend point of view, one of them is the change in discipline practice. In other word, I became lazier. The laziness has saturated until today until she notice it again. Thank god she told me that today because it make me want to review my principle. I think I have degraded it to a lower level and I need to strengthen it again. Now I don’t know what I should do, but whatever it is, I think this time my principle is not enough. Or the way I look at the future, perception of success or the spirit become my main issue. I want to be a brave young man again who think freely, bravely enough to face any problem. Well, it is only a beginning. Maybe it will change or maybe not. But, I have to try to change. I need it in order to survive in this business. This business need a very srong principle. Because if you aren’t competent enough, you will be swallowed by the company, engineer, crew, or the client. Obviously, everyone must strive to survive.

Be strong guys.. We really need it later or maybe.. right now.

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